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AR Processing Industries

A R Processing Industries (Pvt) Ltd has a long and established history of manufacturing high quality products. To maintain the high standard of products. A. R. Processing Industries incorporated SECP under section 32, of the Companies ordinance 1984 (XLVII of 1984) as a Private Limited Company. The company started manufacturing of Banaspati Ghee and vegetable oil,with the Brands name KARAHI, ATTA-E-NOOR & BARKAT AZIZI.Within a short span of time, the company became a highly progressive and a formidable leader in the manufacturing of Banaspati ghee and vegetable oil The management of A. R. Processing Industries Pvt. Ltd., took the uphill task of upgrading and renovating the operations of the company with the commitment to put the company on the successful track. The following steps had been taken in the right direction since the start of A. R. Processing Industries Pvt. Limited: Factory operations have been completely revamped by reviving the production facilities and streamlining the factory methodology by:

      1) Improved Process Controls
      2) Special care for hygiene to adopt good manufacturing practices
      3) Controlling process losses
      4) Establishment of a Research and Development & Quality Assurance Division
      5) Introduction of new Pack sizes for the convenience of the Consumers
      6) The company has taken a strategic decision by focusing more on the popular segment of oil and ghee and making adjustments in the prices to make the products affordable for the common people. This action has EMPOURED the marketing and selling horizons.


ISO — 9001 2000 Certification: 
          The Company has been awarded the ISO-9001 —2000 certificate.
Quality Standard Award 2010:
          The Company has also been awarded Quality Standard Award 2010.

To maintain the high standard of products, company has a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals at each of its facilities.

AR Processing Industries-Products

Karahi Banaspati & Cooking Oil

Atta-e-Noor & Barkat Azizi

Pakwan Cooking Oil

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